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Company Introduction
Beijing Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a glorious national Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other ministries named National 100 small and medium sized enterprises in technology innovation, established in 1997. 180 employees; including a master degree or above accounted for 20%of employees. Shine shares is a leading wind turbine control and optimize heterogeneous group and production management systems, energy saving technology solutions provider. 2009 by the National Science and Technology identified as the "Torch Plan Unit", "National Innovation Model Zone innovative pilot enterprises", "Zhongguancun Science and Technology Demonstration Park, one hundred innovative enterprise pilot unit" by the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau, Beijing Municipal Finance Office Zhongguancun Administrative Committee assessed as "Zhongguancun Most Investment Value."
More than ten years of development, the company adhere to the scientific and technological innovation as the leading ideas, a lot of ongoing scientific research, has established a wind power RMON by the intelligent grid technology optimization and simulation laboratory, laboratory burner, such as plasma laboratory, research and development laboratories blowing test base. The end of 2010, the Company has an international invention patent, the domestic invention patent 5, 22 new patent applications, software copyrights 6.
Business covering electricity, new energy, environmental protection and other key industries. Core business is as "National Torch Plan" of the international advanced, a leading wind farm group control optimization and production management system as the core digital wind field, and as "National Key New Product" AC plasma technology as the core energy environmental protection.
Company to attract the world's best business management practices and quality system standards, combined with the company's own talent and innovative ideas, get a professional technology management, financial management, production management and marketing management.
Today, the shares have formed a glorious high-tech product development, manufacturing, systems integration and engineering services consisting of the main scale. The future, shares will be glorious and adhere to independent innovation, energy absorption area of environmental development in the international high-tech, to provide customers the best value products and value-added services, energy saving and carbon in the globalization process of economic development to make history of the contribution.

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