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Company Introduction
Hunan Hansen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a research, production and sales of pharmaceutical manufacturing company, is a high-tech enterprises in Hunan Province and Hunan Province key pharmaceutical industrial enterprises. Yiyang pharmaceutical company, formerly known as, was founded in October 1969, with nearly 40 years of pharmaceutical production history. In January 1998, a restructuring of Yiyang, Hunan Yiyang Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 1999, 11 re-establishment of their investment period Hunan Hansen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. In January 2008, the overall change Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hunan Hansen Hansen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. set up in Hunan, and consists of two wholly owned subsidiaries - "Hunan Hansen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." and "Hunan Hansen Medical Research Limited ", to be open first A-share listed.
is located in Yiyang City, Long Ridge Industrial Park, with a total area of 44,523 square meters. The main production in Western medicine, with a large volume injection, small volume injection, oral liquid, tablets, capsules, granules, syrup, decoction agents, tinctures, pills, etc. 10 formulations, have all passed the GMP certification. Company currently has a total of 129 species, 186 specifications approval number of drug production, mainly related to the digestive system drugs, cardiovascular system drugs, respiratory medicine, traumatology medicine, diagnostic medicine, cold medicine, etc. The main products are four soup oral, callus capsule, ginkgo biloba capsules, capsule contraction spring, diatrizoate injection, Chenxianglubailu tablets. Four of soup is a quick rule out oral gastrointestinal toxins, fully enhanced digestive function of the conditioning effects prescription for the exclusive patent products, and won the "Hunan high-tech products", "Hunan brand" and "Hunan Provincial Quality Award "; Ginkgo biloba capsules as the NDRC issued a" competitive prices "products; reduced spring capsule of Chinese medicine for the country to protect species.
company of" Young ethnic medical culture, creating famous brand Hansen, cutting-edge field of medicine attack, do human health messengers " The purpose, according to the modern enterprise system, standardized operation, strengthen internal management, improve the overall quality, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Economic efficiency indicators in Hunan Province has been among the best in the industry. The company has won Yiyang "Excellent Enterprise", "taxpayer", "Quality management units" and "top ten enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry in Hunan", Hunan Province "trustworthy enterprise" and so on, and was included in People's Government of Hunan Province 100 "little giant" enterprises of the column. Chairman Mr. Liu Lingan won the "best business operators in Hunan Province", "Hunan outstanding entrepreneurs of non-public economy", "Hunan care workers outstanding private entrepreneurs", "Hunan business one hundred honest people," the title of honor, and was Elections for the 11th Hunan Provincial People's Congress.
Strong brand strategy company, and continuously enhance the corporate image and product image, "Hanson" trade mark "in Hunan Province", "Hansen Simotang, gastrointestinal better health "has been a household word. The company will continue to develop new products, improve product quality, develop marketing market, for the development of national pharmaceutical industry and make unremitting efforts!
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