Company Introduction
AVIC Changchun aviation hydraulic co., Ltd. (referred to as AVIC Kat control) 1958 year factory, after 50 years of development, has become the AVIC Embassy long of a bright Pearl.

belongs to the AVIC-engine control parts, mainly engaged in the development and production of aircraft and engine accessories, is the area of China's aviation industry to aircraft hydraulic and pneumatic systems controlling attachment, fuel and engine fuel regulator, fuel pump design, development, production base. at the same time, advanced aviation technology widely used in weaponry, shipbuilding, aerospace and other fields, has made outstanding contributions to the modernization of national defense.

company is a State-level high and new technology enterprise, the existing staff of more than 700 people, with various types of equipment. master the advanced means of measurement, physics and chemistry, test; with matching machining, stamping, rubber, plastic, painting, welding, forging, casting, heat treatment, surface treatment, wound, immersion, pouring, Assembly, testing, professional, technology advanced processing capability, is famous for its advanced precision machinery manufacturing technology.

Corporation "capitalization of consolidation, market-oriented reforms, specialization, internationalization exploration, industrialization development" strategy requires, in accordance with the Group's arrangements, the company fully cooperate with brokers and intermediaries, in 2009 year 11 month completed successfully listed on the work. successfully listed as a milestone in the history of the company, which will develop new projects, cultivate new economic growth points to achieve the enterprises bigger and stronger financing platform.

2010 year 7 months 25 , AVIC and Changchun City, Jilin province and sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement and implementation agreements, build the Changchun aviation science and technology industrial park, for the further development of the company won a rare opportunity.

company will be relying on aviation, science and technology park of Changchun, precision aviation products, doing wide areas of military, supporting larger and stronger product, effort into adapting to the modernization of national defense science and technology development needs, with strong innovation capacity and competitiveness of the modern military-industrial enterprises.

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