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Guangdong Baotrol Building material co., Ltd 广东baotrol GuangdongBaotrol LOGO
CompanyName:Guangdong Baotrol Building material co., Ltd - GuangdongBaotrol
CompanyIdea:Hard work and innovation! 
CompanyAddress:Shenzhen Add: 3rd Floor,1 Block,Yue Jun Zhen Xing Industrial Area,Bulong Rd. map
CompanyBrief:Guangdong Baotrol Building material co., Ltd is a modern enterprise integrated with research & development, production and marketing of mineral-filled composite materials. The Introduction of 3 automatic continuous production lines and intelligent color matching system with color controlling technology has effectively solved the problem of chromatic aberration , and achieves a significant result in stabilizing and balancing color, contributing to the advantage of keeping a proper and compet...
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