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CompanyName:An Qin Suzhou Textile Co., Ltd. - anqin
CompanyIdea:will be the spirit of honest and trustworthy, mutually beneficial and win-win principle 
CompanyAddress:South third ring road, shengze town, Wujiang, Suzhou Jiangsu da Xie coating 21-1 map
CompanyBrief:company established Yu 2006, company main various non-weaving made cloth, Oxford cloth, peach skin velvet, and polyester pongee spinning, bags Oxford cloth, and Tower velvet, snow spinning, color d, polyester taffeta including medical clothing with no spinning cloth, filter sex no spinning cloth, engineering geo no spinning cloth, PP environmental no spinning cloth and no spinning bag, related products, company products belongs to green environmental products, has strong high, and aspect to stro...
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