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Company Introduction

high-tech zone Arts rhyme painting design art Studio was established in July 2007.

Web site was set up to

   for children and adolescents in Chengdu art lovers: sharing, concerns and cultural exchanges, enhance the hobby and professional learning platform.

purpose and direction

    to all who love the art and the art, longing for art and learning of young children and parents of the students of adult open. the professional arts education, art education, art teachers, three core support. with sure strong belief, children, parents, teachers, and grow together. for children learning culture and arts, providing quality learning environment to create a quality learning space.

professional activity sets

    Studio located children's Art Department, youth and adult Art Department of the Ministry of fine arts. with professional art teaching facilities and teaching faculty. organize students to participate in large, medium and small art events and art exhibitions to participants improve the platform and display provides superior art practice. will work with Chengdu several art institutions, and media companies have a long history of activities between contractors of various arts activities, years of organizing students to participate in a variety of cultural activities at home and a professional game. each year choose a suitable time, organizing students to participate in study tours and travel sketches of art a year participated in the China Academy of art grading.

educational concept

  "leading student's eyes to see the world of art, keys to the world of art, and a better life, feeling to grow up happily in an environment of the art culture"

value expected

    hopes to become the regional teaching ideas, good teaching, teaching quality and teaching methods are reasonable, for kids to grow up really helps parents into the artistic environment, family atmosphere while learning, reputation good cultural and artistic training.

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