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Company Introduction

Dasso Industrial Group Co., Ltd has been established over 22 years, which has 7 factories, with 80000m2 of factory space and over 1000 employees, being the first& leading company in the innovation of bamboo. Our products range from indoor to outdoor bamboo products, including indoor bamboo flooring& furniture& ceiling& cladding& veneer, outdoor bamboo decking& wall cladding& fencing& roof etc. Our best selling are DassoXTR  outdoor decking & Ecosolid indoor bamboo flooring. And Dasso has patent for these two material. As for bamboo furniture, Dasso has a long-term & special cooperation with IKEA. Besides, With unique innovation& technology, Dasso has customized bamboo material in different amazing projects, such as Madrid Airport( 230000 m2 of Fireproof Bamboo Ceiling), BMW (Bamboo Dashboard),Wuxi Grand Theater( Acoustic Bamboo Panel, Bamboo Chair, Bamboo Ceiling, Bamboo Decking, Bambooflooring), Qatar Royal project---decking (More than 20,000m2)  etc.



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