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Company Introduction

Aluminum Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as Company) is the central management of key state-owned enterprise, engaged in the development of mineral resources, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing, relevant trade and engineering services, is currently the world's second largest alumina supplier, third largest aluminum supplier and the fifth largest supplier of aluminum sheet, Copper comprehensive strength ranks first in the country. Company currently has seven business segments, namely, aluminum, copper, rare earth, engineering, mineral resources, foreign and trade plates. Company controlled by the Aluminum Corporation of China to New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai-listed company (Stock code respectively for the New York ACH, 2600 in Hong Kong, Shanghai 601600), the company also owns two listed companies, namely, Yunnan Copper Industry ( 000878) and Jiaozuo Wanfang (000 612).
Company has total assets of 354.55 billion yuan, 24 million employees, affiliated companies 64. In 2009, the company produced 7.78 million tons of alumina, aluminum and aluminum alloy 3.44 million tons, 609,500 tons aluminum timber, copper wood 142,800 tons, 294,100 tons of refined copper, sales revenue of 135.6 billion yuan, among the world's 500 again strong enterprises.

as China's nonferrous metals industry leading enterprises, independent research and development and application of the dressing Bayer, 500 a thousand large aluminum tank and other new techniques, new technologies, production of special aluminum alloys, titanium, etc., have become the "Long March" rockets, "Shenzhou" series of spacecraft , "Chang-e One" lunar project, large aircraft, high-speed trains and other national key projects of important material. The company has excellent management team, and a complete range of skilled technical personnel, now has a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.
Company focused on international multi-metal mining company's strategic positioning, based on the domestic foreign-oriented, and actively integrate domestic resources, speed up to develop global business, the implementation of cost leadership strategy, deepen reform and innovation management, start full-depth structural adjustment, promote international strategy and resource development strategy, re-new competitive advantages, the level of scientific development and building a more internationally competitive, world-class multinational corporations.

Aluminum Corporation of China's Chinese name: China Chinese aluminum company
short: in the aluminum companies
; English name: Aluminum Corporation of China
; abbreviation: CHINALCO
Address: Haidian District, Beijing, People's Republic of North Street, No. 62 Xizhimen.
Code: 100082
; Tel: (010) 82298080
Fax: (010) 82298081

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