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Company Introduction
Nanjing China cores through Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a young IC design company, adhere to the "starting point, high-quality, high-level, creating an international brand" development strategy, with technical innovation to revitalize the national chip industry.
current switching power supply chip companies to the main direction of development and design, complete control of switching power supply chip core technology.Exclusively in the international arena will be built in chip power management, developed a variety of chips, in addition to a variety of innovative products under development, there are eight applications for invention patents, products such as televisions, computer power supply, DVD, DVB , mobile phone chargers and other consumer electronics products provide high performance, low-cost power supply chips, these chips appear, forcing the prices of related products of foreign manufacturers slashed prices, so that manufacturers can have a cost much lower than the foreign-chip solution.Both the chip also features energy saving, energy-saving targets higher than the U.S. "Energy Star", the European Union "Blue Angel", China Energy Conservation Product Certification Center energy efficiency standards, technology has reached world advanced level.
company aims to become the world's main supplier of switching power supply IC.China to spend the power electronics chips.For the energy industry, as China's electronics to create modest contribution.
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