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Company Introduction

Wuhan huagong laser engineering limited liability company is the largest manufacturer of laser and plasma cutting equipment, also known high-tech listed company huagong tech co., Ltd. (stock code: 000988) its core subsidiary.
huagong laser is a national key high-tech enterprises, participation of international standard-setting organizations, national standards developed by the lead organization and the undertaker. the company has a state-certified enterprise technical centers, laser provincial key laboratory of advanced manufacturing technology, while relying on the laser processing of National Engineering Research Center, State Key Laboratory of laser technology, laser processing technology exhibition center three national intelligence platform, carrying out national priority projects and major scientific and technological projects.

Wuhan huagong laser engineering limited liability company owns huagong laser, FALEY · LASERLAB two well-known brands. the company has always been committed to industrial manufacturing areas to provide extensive and comprehensive laser manufacturing solutions, research and development, manufacture and sales of laser and plasma processing equipment, provision of laser tube cutting and pipeline trade and other services. laborers laser led products covers full power series of laser cutting system, and laser welding system, and laser playing marked series, and laser hair of equipment, and laser heat treatment system, and laser playing hole machine, and laser device and the various supporting devices, and laser processing dedicated equipment and the, ion cutting equipment,, products widely application in steel metallurgical, and nonferrous metals, and car and the parts, and space aviation, and military electronic, and precision instrument instrument, and mechanical manufacturing, and mold, and hardware tool, and IC ﹑ semiconductor manufacturing, and solar, and education, and Communications and measurement, package, shoe leather, plastic, rubber, jewelry, gifts and other industries.
Five series of products focus on all possible

as a pioneer of laser industrialization in China and leader of huagong laser has five product lines:" laser precision micro fabrication device "" high-power laser manufacturing equipment "" CNC fine plasma cutting machine "," laser and core components "," large surface treatment and manufacturing equipment ". in world around, daily are has tens of thousands of Taiwan laborers laser of equipment are security, and efficient, and smooth to run with, they widely application Yu steel metallurgical, and nonferrous metals, and car and the parts, and space aviation, and military electronic, and precision instrument instrument, and mechanical manufacturing, and mold, and hardware tool, and IC ﹑ semiconductor manufacturing, and solar, and education, and communications and measurement, and packaging, and shoes material leather, and plastic rubber, and jewelry jewelry, and process gift, and medical devices, all industry, For lifting equipment manufacturing level of the world to contribute their strength.


stick to independent innovations is huagong laser inexhaustible driving force for sustainable development. with more than 40 years laser laser processing equipment research and manufacturing key technologies and the strong background and experience, China huagong laser energy optoelectronics industry has created a series of "firsts"!
China first Taiwan high power laser (online) spell welding equipment, fill national blank;
China first Taiwan high power CO2 laser hair of equipment;
China first Taiwan based on fiber laser of laser playing marked machine, and in car whole car industry developed first Taiwan car label fiber laser playing marked machine, success alternative abroad equipment;
China first Taiwan more beam laser welding machine, very has boosted China's optical industry and development of picture tube industry;
the first successful large laser cutting machine tools exported to North America;
my first CNC laser-MiG hybrid welding plants
first small laser spot welding machine in China;
my first double Pan paper used for laser drilling machine
... ...
in addition, the "high power laser cutting, welding, cutting and welding machining equipment and technology" project was awarded the 2004 National Science and technology progress second class Prize, "huagong laser" becoming the only has the skills the preparation and equipment of the laser surgery business; a "high-power CW single mode fiber laser technology and its industrialization project" Hubei provincial science and technology progress award, awarded the 2013, "composite machining center CNC plasma cutting device projects" was awarded the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province in 2013.
"huagong laser" successfully completed the national 863 plan project "hundred watt level solid state laser technology and industrialization" and "Eleven-Five" technology support program "industrial laser and its equipment study and demonstration of key technologies" and successfully passed the examination.
"huagong laser" each year, new products get "national key new product";
"huagong laser" won 93 national patents, 27 patents of invention, utility model patent 76.
"huagong laser" is China's key scientific and technological project "laser technology" project, the lead unit and the main unit. total completed China's scientific and technological research 21, 34 national Natural Science Foundation, won the international young inventors Awards, 1 national science and technology progress Awards, and 4, 34 provincial science and technology progress award, national science and technology research award for significant results on 16.

of the supremacy of users huagong laser

adhere to the "customer first" and "market-oriented" huagong laser, 40% per cent of the total number of employees is the sales and service staff. the company has established a perfect marketing service system in China with offices in more than 40 more, located in the main cities in China, to fully implement the "closer to the user, an extension service". the nationwide sales and service network ensures huagong laser timely and efficient responses to customer needs.


current "huagong laser" in Wuhan · Optics Valley of China Huazhong University of science and Technology Park, East Lake high-tech development zone set up engineering research and development base and laser industry bases, has a staff of 1000 employees, including doctorate or master's degrees accounted for more than 30%, senior expert, more than 20 people, the "thousand person plan" entrants 2, "3551 talent project" winners 5, "hundreds of people plan" winners 1, company has with the United States, and Germany and other countries and regions of the well-known research institutes and enterprises to establish a close cooperative relationship.


international market development
of huagong laser medium power laser machining equipment (such as marking machines, laser welding machines, the cutting machine and so on), CNC laser cutting, laser welding diamond saw blade series is becoming an international market best-selling products, sales to total huagong laser sales in overseas markets more than 20%.
huagong laser rising share of the international market, international marketing network also continues to develop, in India, and Taiwan and other regions to establish a sales company in Korea, Pakistan, Viet Nam, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and Poland, and Hungary, and Italy and the United States, and Argentina and other countries have huagong laser agent.

international technological exchanges and cooperation
with Chinese laser in the laser industry, international and national commercial and academic status that cannot be ignored, huagong laser, Europe, United States, and Japan, and Singapore and a number of internationally renowned laser companies and research institutes to carry out exchanges and cooperation at different levels, cooperation design of new laser, Technology of laser processing equipment, as well as other key units, and so on.

international capital operation
in June 2000, with laser-focused "Chinese science and technology" was listed as international capital operation of huagong laser adds tremendous power. huagong laser has wholly acquired Australia ACS, and Wuhan to establish a "Wuhan Leroy by cutting systems limited liability company"; and Germany supporting Greek companies in Wuhan production base for export of laser welding diamond saw blade; Japan and Fuji electric Mialqui company to produce high quality diode pumped solid state laser equipment.
as the pioneer and leader of China's laser industrial application, huagong laser aim "in the field of laser technology and its application on behalf of national competitiveness, internationally competitive as the world's leading providers of laser solutions authority"!

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